Warfare Scriptures

Water works
2 Kings 20:20
2 Chronicles 32:30

Rationing during siege
Ezekiel 4:10f
2 Kings 6:25

Cannibalism during siege
Deuteronomy 28:53-57

2 Kings 18:17-37

Mill stones from the wall
Judges 9:53

The “ban”
1 Samuel 15:9, 32f
Joshua 7

Propaganda during siege
2 Kings 18:17-37

Sacrifice 1 Kings 8.44ff
Prayer Psalm 20
Prophet – 1 Kings 22
Spring – 2 Samuel 11:1
Scorched Earth
2 Kings 3:19
Deuteronomy 20:19
2 Samuel 20:15
Sennacherib on Taylor Prism in British Museum shut King Hezekiah “like a caged bird.”
Service Corps – Judges 20:10 10 We’ll take ten men out of every hundred from all the tribes of Israel, and a hundred from a thousand, and a thousand from ten thousand, to get provisions for the army.
Lachish – “We are looking for the signals of Lachish according to all the signs which my lord has given, for we do not see Azekah.”
(compare Jeremiah 34.6ff – 6In Jerusalem, then, Jeremiah the prophet relayed all these words to Zedekiah king of Judah 7as the army of the king of Babylon was fighting against Jerusalem and the remaining cities of Judah—against Lachish and
Azekah. For these were the only fortified cities remaining in Judah.…)
(fire signals? see Jeremiah 6.1)
attacked with blazing torches hurled from the city wall
Ezekiel 4:2; 21:22; 26:9
Bowstrings of hide or gut.

Flint balls page 148 Heaton.2-3 inches finished w care

Leather or cloth pocket w cords

Arrow heads flat leaf shaped no barbs

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