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  • Which Elijah chapter was the most fun to write?

48. Brother Gone Mad.

Quick Summary:

Elijah spent three and a half years abroad with his heart aching for Milkah the girl next door. When the Lord finally tells him to come home, Milkah is glad to see him but… “you pop over the ridge like we’re supposed to pretend you were here yesterday…”

Elijah’s big brother Nathan whispers in her ear. “He doesn’t remember. Too many blows to the head.” Nathan dazzles her with a tale of kidnapping by stick fighters. How Elijah is famous along the Nile but talks only of Mother and Milkah back in Gilead. His injuries make it hard to remember details.

Milkah glides over to Elijah, sighs, and slips her arms around him. “You’re hurt.” She touches his cheek.

And Nathan leans back with a smile.

(I still laugh when a read that chapter.)

  • Which scene did you write with tender memory?
Elijah curled up in the grass. “Remember how Mother takes your face in both her hands?”
A hyena sent his raucous laugh over the hill.
Nathan lay beside him on his back. “Mm-hm. To help you listen. Mother holds your face while she looks into your heart.”
“Well, on that mountain back there–” Elijah whispered, “–it was like the Lord held my face with his hands, and his voice reached inside me.”
Hands-on-cheeks to help you listen was a beloved custom of my mother-in-law, Mrs. Lola Coxon.
  • Which chapter surprised you?

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Elisha is hanging around.

  • Why the Background items at the foot of chapters?


  • Four writers who rescued me.
  1. Lara C. Storm who took me by the hand and showed me how to show-not-tell. And that Elijah needed a motivation scene to go confront the king. on Facebook, Author L C Storm
  2. Ann Westerman, who had me get out a piece of paper and sketch the layout of Elijah’s place.
  3. Jane Simerman, who challenged my write up of Elijah’s trek thru the desert. Fear, not shame.
  4. Shannon Dunlap, who challenged my interpretation of Elisha as only replacement, not servant.

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