The camel who?

In camel caravans, who holds the rope?

The camel merchant? Camel herder? Camel caravanner?

I guessed “Camel leader.”


As purple wine puddled in the leaves, the camel puller sniveled. “Supposed to last to the Sinai.”

Elijah turned his back on the puller and raised a hand to shield his eyes from the sun.

The Boy Who Closed the Sky, Page 3

A caravan of a thousand camels contained hundreds of files of 12 to 18 camels. The puller led his camels by a rope attached to the first camel by a peg in its nose. From the back of the gear on each camel, another rope led the next animal in line.

Pullers worked in pairs to load camels’ cargo each morning and unload each evening. They found the best grazing and kept camels away from poisonous plants. They knew when to give a camel water, how to park camels out of the wind, how to distribute the load to prevent it from hurting a camel, and how to treat minor injuries, such as blisters or pack-sores.

Would you like to be a camel puller?

The only camel caravans I know of today carry salt from the Taoudenni mines 500 miles across the Sahara Desert to Timbuktu.


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